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Extensive positive coverage given to PAP by Straits Times

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 20, 2011

The blatant lop-sided bias in the state media’s election coverage has raised its ugly head again as the PAP goes on a massive propaganda overdrive to secure victory for its candidates in the coming general election.

It is little wonder that the Singapore media is ranked a pathetic 133th in terms of press freedom by international media watchdog Reporters without Borders last year.

The Straits Times, better known as ‘PETIR Times’, carried two large photos showing PAP rally flags and 8 photos of smiling PAP leaders today to shape public opinion in favor of the repressive PAP regime. In contrast, the opposition is featured only in three photos.

Singaporeans should not underestimate the impact of such subtle propaganda. Photos showing a smiling, pleasant and confident PAP leaders will inspire a sense of good-will among voters towards them while those portraying the opposition candidates in negative manner will have the opposite effect.

The Straits Times also gave an inordinate amount of attention to the PAP with a total of six articles dedicated to the party’s preparations for the coming election as compared to two for the opposition though the PAP is merely another political party and not the Singapore government now that parliament has been dissolved.

No efforts were spared to call on Singaporeans to give the PAP another ‘mandate’ to enable ‘leadership renewal’ within its ranks while conveniently ignoring the key issues such as the relentless influx of foreigners, rampant inflation and sky-rocketing HDB flat prices.

Singaporeans seeking for uncensored news which truly reflect public sentiments should visit online news portals like The Temasek Review for the latest updates on the general election.


2 Responses to “Extensive positive coverage given to PAP by Straits Times”

  1. Walter Jayandran said

    How come Straits Times is not gazetted as a political association?

  2. Angryman said

    Because it’s already is from day one. No need to gazette.

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