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Counter: PAP brought Singapore from Third world to First

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 20, 2011

 1. Singapore was never a underdeveloped, mosquito-ridden swamp when the PAP took over in 1965:

In 1968, Singapore’s per capita income was US$751, second only to Japan’s, which was US$1405. Indonesia’s per capita income for 1969 was US$80, Thailand’s US$65, South Korea’s $191, Taiwan’s US$304, Malaysia’s $326 and Hong Kong’s US$680. South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan experienced greater growth in per capita income than Singapore during the same period of time.

2. It is Singaporeans who is responsible for Singapore’s success, not PAP leaders:

In 1961, Singapore had one of Asia’s most educated and literate populations, capable and hardworking. Dr Albert Winsemius, an industrial economist sent to Singapore by the UN praised Singapore’s workforce in his 1961 report to the Singapore government as ‘industrious, quick learners and a great asset for industrialization.’ Without the hard work of all Singaporeans, will Singapore have developed so quickly?

3. Voters have already ‘rewarded’ the PAP in past elections.

Past achievements do not guarantee future success. Furthermore, Singaporeans have already ‘rewarded’ the PAP with overwhelmng in past elections. The PAP swept all the seats from 1966 to 1980. The latest election should be a referendum of the PAP’s performance from 2006 to now and NOT from 1959 when the credit should go to the first generation pioneers and not the present batch of PAP leaders.

Source: The Singapore Miracle: Myth and Reality page 11

One Response to “Counter: PAP brought Singapore from Third world to First”

  1. defennder said

    Hi TR, might want to take a look at an earlier post written last year. The GDP per capita figures for 1959 are found here:

    Also see Ng Kok Lim’s excellent rebuttal here:

    I don’t hear many people crowing about the miracle of Botswana or Equatorial Guinea. Likely GDP per capita is a deeply flawed measure of economic success for small countries.

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