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87 percent of netizens polled want Lee Kuan Yew to retire from politics

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 20, 2011

In an online poll conducted on the Temasek Review Facebook, 87 percent or 499 out of 574 of the respondents polled do not want Lee Kuan Yew to participate in the coming General Election.

The 87 year old Lee has announced his candidacy in Tanjong Pagar GRC lately, sparking a massive uproar among netizens who are yearning to see him ‘go’ in one way or another.

Darryl Ong wrote:

“He should just retire and enjoy the rest of his twilight years liaoz. Earn so much liaoz.”

Yan Ian added:

“Why won’t u die…? I really hope he die after his team lost everything then that will be like a death sentence for him.”

The prevailing view among netizens that Lee Kuan Yew should retire from politics for good continue to go unreported in the PAP-controlled media.

Lee has already broken the record of being the world’s oldest living minister and MP. Though he admitted he is not doing much lately except ‘forecasting’, he still commands an annual salary of some S$3 million dollars, or more than 5 times that of U.S. President Barack Obama.

With Tanjong Pagar GRC likely to be walkover, Lee is expected to stay on in the Singapore government for as long his health permits.


6 Responses to “87 percent of netizens polled want Lee Kuan Yew to retire from politics”

  1. Angie said

    I want Lee Kuan Yew to continue to be the MP & stay as long as he can.Without Lee Kuan Yew,we will never be able to enjoy what we have today.Just look at our neighbouring countries,are they as successful as Singapore?The answer is no.Without Lee Kuan Yew,do u think the economy of Singapore still can be strong & stable?Lee Kuan Yew deserves to take the credit of the success of Singapore.

    • rolento said

      @Angie, first of all, singapore is not what it is today SOLELY because of LKY, what he has done may not be done easily by uneducated man but it is also not rocket science. any leader worth his salt would have done the same, if not better.
      secondly, Lin Chin Siong, if you care to research, was the rightful PAP leader then to be the PM, not him. and in my humble opinion, would have made singapore a better place, less FT(trash),lower costs,more transparency and empathy government than LKY.
      Lastly,how would you know singapore would be not better than what it is now if it was under a different leader? maybe singapore could have been 100 points, but it was LKY that made us just achieved 50 points?

    • lifos said

      that’s past glory and the old man has made his contribution. We thank him for it. It’s time to let the old man rest. in peace.

      • WL said

        To claim that LKY is responsible for Singapore’s success today is showing disrespect to pioneers such as Rajaratnam, Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye and most importantly, our parents and grandparents.
        Problem with Singapore’s education system is that they have glorified LKY too much and neglected others…

  2. Jason said

    Well said Angie. I’m sure every singaporean is very grateful for mm LKY contributions.. But 3mil a yr of tax payer money just to keep him going when he should retire gracefully. Do we really need so many Snr MPs ard earning millions while the general public Earning not even a fraction of that? I feel these monies can be of better use in nation building, helping the less fortunate etc. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great man.. And I respected him for what he has done- but really, it’s long overdue, time to pass the baton I say. Thank you

  3. Simon said

    Since most readers of Temasek Review have an inclination towards the opposition, it is no surprise that the majority hopes that Mr Lee Kuan Yew retires. While I do hope that Mr Lee retires as it is evident that his health has been on the decline and it is time for him to enjoy retirement after sacrificing so much for Singapore, the decision for standing for election is ultimately his and I respect it. I feel that Yan Ian’s comments have been extremely rude, you just don’t curse someone with death.

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