Singapore Election 2011

Latest news and updates about Singapore's 14th GE

Singapore’s 14th election to be held on 7 May

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 19, 2011

Singapore’s 14 General Election will be held on May 7. President SR Nathan dissolved parliament on the advice of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong today with Nomination Day set on April 27.

The polling day, which falls on a Saturday, has been declared a public holiday.

87 seats will be up for grabs, including 12 Single Member Constituencies (SMC) and 15 Group Representation Constituencies (GRC).

If all the seats are contested, about 2.35 million voters will be eligible to vote.

Some 2.35 million voters are eligible to vote in the coming polls – the 14th in Singapore’s history.

With public dissatisfaction and anger against the PAP at an all time high, it faces its toughest election to date against a resurgent opposition whose ranks are boosted by several highly qualified candidates.

Nine days of campaigning are allowed from 27 April till 5 May. The day before polling day has been designated as ‘cooling day’ under the Parliamentary Elections Act which forbids any form of campaigning to enable voters to make an ‘informed’ choice.


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