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PAP ‘sacrificed’ higher growth to reduce intake of foreigners

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 19, 2011

With the next election looming ahead, PAP leaders are making all sorts of empty ‘highfulatin’ promises to appease disgruntled voters.
Despite widespread public unhappiness with the PAP’s ultra-liberal and pro-foreigner policies, PAP leaders have been insisting all along for the last five years that foreigners are ‘essential’ for Singapore’s economy till the sudden U-turn yesterday by Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.
In an interview with the state media, SM Goh is now singing a different tune altogether. Pretending to show that he is ‘listening’ to the grouses of ‘lesser mortals’, SM Goh says the PAP regime has made ‘trade-offs’ to ‘moderate’ the inflow of foreign workers into Singapore.
‘You know, maybe 100,000 instead of 70,000 or 80,000, so we said ‘no’. It is about trade-offs. So this trade-off is made, but people won’t know. But we certainly want to moderate the inflow of foreign workers and immigrants into Singapore because we can feel that they have quite a big presence in Singapore,’ he added.
The relentless influx of foreigners into Singapore since 2006 has altered the country’s demographics beyond recognition. Foreigners including PRs now make up 40 percent of Singapore’s population, up from 14 percent in 1990. Of the remaining 14 percent who are so-called citizens, an increasing number is born overseas.
Many first world economies like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia are able to maintain impressive annual growth without relying on foreign workers. In Hong Kong, mainland Chinese workers have to live there for a minimum period of seven years before they are even allowed to apply for residency.
The immigration issue is likely to featured heavily on the minds of Singapore voters as they go to the polls on May 7.

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