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Netizens unimpressed by PAP’s election manifesto

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 19, 2011

Despite the hype generated by the PAP-controlled media about its election manifesto, most netizens are not impressed by it, dismissing it as another ‘wayang’ to win their votes ahead of the coming general election.
The PAP’s election manifesto is only 13 pages long and short of details as compared to the Workers Party’s comprehensive 60 page manifesto. It consists of six key objectives such as creating opportunities for higher income, improve the lives of lower-income Singaporeans and involving all Singaporeans in shaping its future.
The proposals were greeted with scorn and scepticisms by netizens on Yahoo News.
Alan does not mince his words:
“PAP’s 6-point Manifesto is nothing but a load of rubbish! Here, we are talking about high inflations, rising cost of living, sky-high HBD flats prices, foreigners taking our jobs, ridiculous high MPs salaries, public transport screw-ups, health & education etc – WHERE in your manifestations do we see actions to tackle all these problems?”
Target added:
“The manifestos shows how much of wayang they are and how much not in touch with the needs of the citizens. None of which touches the needs and problems faced by the people. Time for them to face the real truth that they are no longer what Singapore need. We need them out and real people who cares and face reality to come and straighten things out. I thought they will at least come out with something to counter the problems we are facing now but they totally ignored it and continue their arrogant ways.”
The next general election is likely to be a tough contest for the ruling PAP given the many grouses and unhappiness on the ground against its policies.
The relentless influx of foreigners, rising cost of living and sky-rocketing prices of HDB flats are issues which are likely to be intensely debated upon during the nine days of campaigning.  

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